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Businesses now more than ever understand the deep benefits of social responsibility. It’s been well documented that positive social impact leads to better employee retention, happiness and meaning in the workplace. We’ve seen studies with powerful data, showing that companies with giving programs have 2.3X the employee retention rate.

While the benefits of corporate giving is clear, the details and implementation of a meaningful program are much more murky.

One program that addresses this is Pledge 1% , a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good. …

We want to let you know about our DTI initiative to increase the impact of your donations on Good Today. Along the way we’ll explain the background of why we are doing this.


We are bringing greater transparency, accountability, and impact to the donation model on Good Today by giving directly to end recipients.

Here is the traditional model where Good Today gives to a nonprofit that helps people:

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Here is the DTI model where Good Today works with verified nonprofits and other partners to give directly to vetted people:

At the end of our previous post, we mentioned the ‘edge cases’ that might not be fully captured in our standard vetting process. In this post we’ll briefly outline one of the more significant edge cases: when we vet charities addressing crises.

Overview of Crises

When we say “crises” we are referring to natural crises (tsunamis, forest fires, etc.), and human-driven crises (terror attacks, hate crimes), and the spectrum in between. We classify a crisis as one that has rallied public support across the demographic spectrum. …

(For an expanded discussion on how we think about vetting, see here.)

In short a nonprofit passes our vetting if: it is doing legitimate work, is effective and organizationally transparent, and is not politically partisan or affiliated with any religious denomination.

Our goal through vetting is to maintain and honor the trust of the Good Today community to provide a meaningful experience that makes the greatest possible positive impact in the world. Every vetting platform will carry implicit or explicit positions and assumptions about the charitable space — and often there is no consensus. Our particular philosophy is grounded at…

Hey Streeters!

Five years ago, we set out to create a nonprofit platform that makes giving a small amount of charity every-day super seamless and meaningful. A huge part of that for us was to enable you as an individual to choose where your money goes, while also showcasing the impact we make as a community of people who want to change the world. From the start, we knew that if we could get people to give small amounts of charity every day that we could cultivate a new culture… the next generation of grant giving. Thanks to you, we’ve…

To the hackers and painters,
To those who believe well thought out sequences of 0’s and 1’s can change the world,
And to those interested in transforming the nonprofit space,

This post is going to draft a big problem in the nonprofit arena, and provide what we think are potential steps to solve it.

The short: the current platforms used to discover and evaluate charities are great in some ways but do a poor job in helping people find charities that address causes they care about. As we’ll outline below, we believe there are concrete lean steps to build a…

To our awesome Streeters and dogooders all over the world —

We’ve spent 4 years vetting thousands of charities and we wanted to let you know what we have learned along the way and provide a more in-depth look at our thought process (as of November 2017). Our vetting and classification process is specific to the Good St. model, where Streeters can donate to one of two featured charities addressing the particular cause of the day, rollover the donation, or put the decision into the Street’s hands (where non-designated donations get split pro-rata to the two charities based on how…

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December 2016 Edition


  • National Impaired Driving Prevention Month starts today, so keep an eye out as we feature some organizations that are doing amazing work to spread driver safety awareness and prevention.
  • It’s National Pear Month! Get a head start on your New Years resolution (or end off 2016 strong) and get those fruits in this month!
  • #DidYouKnow? This Sunday, December 4th, some also observe National Cookie Day! One cheat day can’t hurt, right? If your baking up some goods, be sure to share the celebrations with us!


November 2016 Edition


  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month starts today, so stay tuned as we feature some amazing organizations devoted to tackling cancer!
  • It’s National Good Nutrition Month … healthy eating starts now! Any #good recipes that your known on the block for? We’d love to try some!
  • #DidYouKnow? The name ‘November’ comes from the Latin for nine (novem), as it was the ninth month of the Roman calendar. #knowledge


  • It’s never too early to get in the giving spirit! With the Holiday season just around the corner, have some fun and get walking with Meals-on-Heels. …

October 2016 Edition


  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month starts today, so stay tuned as we feature some amazing organizations devoted to tackling cancer!
  • National Arts & Humanities Month is here… time to get cultured! Calling all creative #Streeters! Any art that makes you feel #good? Do share.
  • #DidYouKnow? The last two weeks in October are the only time when all major sports leagues play: The NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and the MLS! Yay Sports!


  • Join fellow members of the Good St. team on Friday, October 7th from 1:30pm to 4:30 pm in volunteering to coach a children’s after-school soccer game with America Scores in…


We are a nonprofit democratizing philanthropy and activism. Make giving a part of every day. #GoodTodayandEveryDay

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